Preparation For Your Session

Before the session it’s best to ensure that your child has been fed and is rested. That should make for a re-energised and happy little subject for the start of the shoot!

Though, of course, breaks during the session for either you or your child are absolutely fine.

Portrait sessions can be booked for weekdays or weekends. But in a busy world, it may be tough for your family members to get away from the office during the work day. I can, however, organise sessions with you during lunch hour.

I can also arrange professional hair and make-up services for your session, in which case the stylist will need to arrive about 90 minutes before I do.



For clothing, I would suggest family members wear similar neutral tones as fancy or patterned attire will distract from the subject. Since we’re trying to capture natural images, I also find that a slightly more casual approach tends to work better. Logos can look dated very quickly, so I recommend plain clothing wherever possible. White/black/grey/light pink/light blue T-shirts/shirts/dresses/polo/turtlenecks, beige or khaki trousers/skirts or denim jeans all work well. I would suggest not wearing a watch as it can be distracting in the images. Simple Jewelry is fine.

Whatever the attire though, it needs to be clean, ironed and looking fresh. Another advantage of doing the session at home is that changes of clothing can be done quickly and comfortably.

I also bring two collapsible backgrounds in both black and white with me to the session and these can be erected just about anywhere should you wish to have a more neutral background to your images.


Maternity Sessions

I would usually recommend booking in a session between 32 and 36 weeks of pregnancy. Everyone carries and feels different during pregnancy but in my experience the majority of women feel most comfortable prior to 38 weeks. Just don’t leave it too late !

For pregnancy sessions, I believe simplicity is best. I suggest that you have on hand a selection of your pregnancy wardrobe—i.e.: black ,white, light pink or grey figure-hugging clothes, lace dresses, sheer tops, plain singlets, soft shawls/ fabrics. Colourful fitted maxi dresses also look great. In addition, I will bring a range of black and white fabrics for draping, tube tops and tube skirts.


Newborn Sessions

For newborn sessions, I usually recommend the baby to be either naked or in a short sleeve/short arm white/light coloured onesie. By wearing something neutral the focus remains on the baby and your faces. Please refer to my portfolio for ideas.

Make sure the onesie is quite fitted as its best that the outfit doesn’t ride up your baby’s neck or look too wrinkled. In addition, I also bring simple monotone knitted blankets, a baby bean bag, fabrics for draping and baby wraps with me should you wish to use this kind of prop.

Please book in advance to secure your preferred date. The best time to book your Newborn session would be at the beginning of your third trimester, once your confirmation deposit has been made the date will remain flexible until we know when your baby has arrived.


The First Year Sessions

Documenting the development and growth of your baby in the first year is important as their milestones are huge memory makers. Gummy smiles, their first tooth, sitting, waving, crawling, playing, interacting with you/siblings and all their adorable expressions are incredible keepsakes. Newborn, 6-8 months and 1 year are all poignant milestones that warrant capturing your little ones with a professional photography session.



1.Radhika Rao Photography reserves the right to use any photograph in any form such as, but not limited to, use in advertising, reproduction, and copyright. All images are copyrighted by Radhika Rao Photography . By hiring Radhika you agree to these terms.

2. All digital jpeg images provided to the client are for personal use only and not for commercial usage. Should you require images for advertising purposes please contact me for a quotation.

3. All RAW and unedited jpegs are not for sale. Only edited (cropped, contrast adjusted, colour corrected and b/w conversions) images will be provided to the client.
4. To the fairness of all customers, please understand that prices are non-negotiable
5. All prices are subject to change without prior notice.
6. Once you have organized your session date a non-refundable deposit is required to complete your confirmation and this can be settled by cash, cheque or bank transfer.
7. Please enjoy your session and put all your cameras/smart phones /videos aside.



All balances of payment are to be made to “Radhika Rao” via cash, cheque or bank transfer and are due on the day of the session. Prices are subject to change at any time. Call or email for current rates.



Additional travel charges may apply depending on your location, please contact me for more details.

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